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Free AI-driven Security Assessment of your Smart Contracts

Welcome to by H-X Technologies, your free go-to solution for smart contract security. Our cutting-edge automated service is specifically tailored to safeguard your smart contracts against vulnerabilities and misuse. Expect a swift analysis, with most audits completed within minutes.

Development and Community in its beta phase does the security assessment of Ethereum smart contracts written in Solidity. We plan to add support for other blockchains and programming languages. By utilizing our service, you become an essential part of our community, helping us refine our tools through your valuable feedback and error reports.

Responsibility and Liability

H-X Technologies assumes no liability for any legal or financial repercussions that may arise from the audit results.

Our automated service provides a preliminary security check that may highlight potential vulnerabilities. It is normal for any automated tools to generate false positives. Any findings should be manually verified. For a thorough assessment, consider our manual security audit of smart contracts.

We respect your privacy. Your IP address and activities are securely logged in accordance with the H-X Technologies Privacy Policy.

Audit reports are securely stored for a minimum of 92 days, ensuring you have ample time to review our findings.

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